The difference between the two



With the Videographer package, we send one of our dedicated and well-trained team members to film your wedding.

They are focused on successfully documenting your wedding day from beginning to end, capturing all the important moments that happen throughout the day.

In the end, we oversee the editing process right here in the studio to make sure you receive a well-crafted film.

We understand weddings can be expensive, but having the most important memories captured shouldn’t be.

Videography Package


With the Cinematographer package, we invite you to come to the studio and meet our lead shooter and editor, Dmitry, who will be handling your wedding personally.

We sit down with you and take a walk down memory lane where the story of your relationship began. We figure out what really matters to you most and get a glimpse of what the wedding film can turn out to be.

With 8+ years of filming experience and great attention to detail, your wedding film turns into a more in-depth cinematic story.

In this package, we use all sorts of equipment such as drones, gimbals, and sliders to capture your wedding with more dynamic shots.

Dmitry's job is to solely focus on what matters most during your day, to tell your story. The result is a beautifully crafted wedding film that will be cherished for a lifetime.


Cinematography Packages


For the moments that matter most, Highlight Films showcase just that.

Captivate everyone with a 3 to 5 minute film that highlights your wedding from beginning to end.

Highlight Film

1 Cinematographer
3-5 Minute Highlight Film
Documentary Edits
6 Hours

our most popular package, the Short Story allows us to get really creative.

With more room to edit, we get depth with your wedding film by adding vows, speeches, toasts, and many more unforgettable moments.

Short Story

1 Cinematographer
1 Videographer
6-8 Minute Short Story
Documentary Edits
Full Day Documentary Edit
Drone FOotage
8 Hours

Feature Film

2 Cinematographers
1 Videographer
1 Assistant
12-15 Minute Feature Film
Documentary Edits
Full Day Documentary Edit
Drone Footage
10-12 hours

For couples who want re-live their entire wedding day, the Feature Film options showcases everything from beginning to end!

Carefully planned and executed, our team gets to work and captures every moment from every angle so you can simply enjoy your wedding day without the worry of anything being missed!

With over 12 to 15 minutes to work with, we do our best telling your story and creating a well-crafted your wedding film.

Packages staring at $3250