The Moss Box

From earth to home.


Full beds of moss are found deep into the forest. Moss loves moist and so we head out into the wilderness to find specific patches of over-grown moss that is safe for us to pick without damaging the eco-system.

Rocks and moss are best friends. They love all the real-estate the large boulders have to offer. Once fully grown, the moss peels right off like large blankets, allowing the moss to flourish all over again.


Once in the studio, we lay out huge layers on the floor to dry. Everything is patted down and cleaned to make sure we aren’t shipping you dirt.


After the moss dries, we neatly place small, fitted sheets into the box. The green mixes beautifully within the wood surroundings of the box.


Wrapped in leather, the hard drive is then placed on the pillow of moss, keeping everything snug. Sweet dreams.


Lina adds the final touches with her beautiful pyrography skills. Each box is hand-engraved, giving “blood, sweat, and tears” a whole new meaning. It may be time consuming but our clients are worth it.


In the end, you are left with a beautifully, crafted, eco-friendly box from beginning to end. We realize you have a choice when choosing to book us, so we want to choose to give you something more in return.