Every couple is unique and has an amazing story to tell. Yours is no different.
Packages starting at only $2500

Step 1 -  What's your story?

Proposal Film

The start of your new journey together begins with a proposal. Never forget the moment you decided to share your life with another forever. Let us capture your proposal so that you can look back on it for generations to come.


Love Story

How did you two meet? It's amazing how the smallest decision can bring two people together for a moment. And in the moment, you meet the one. We want to capture that story and create a film that takes everyone down memory lane.


Engagement Film

Relationships are amazing. The way certain interests and qualities attract two people together can be beautiful. In an engagement film, we love to figure out what those qualities are and create a cinematic film that you can use to show the world.


Step 2 - Your wedding film.

Highlight Film

3-5 Minutes

1 Videographer 

8 Hours

Short Story

6-8 Minutes

1 Cinematographer

1 Videographer

Documentary Edit

10 Hours

Feature Film

10 - 12 Minutes

1 Cinematographer

1 Videographer

1 Assistant

Documentary Edit

12 Hours

Step 3 - Add-ons

Documentary Edit $450

Long Documentary Edit $650

 Additional Cinematographer $500

Additional hours $125