Pampas Grass

Soft and delicate, this ornamental grass is something to behold.

Finding this certain size and fullness was no small feat. We drove all over New England to find large and luscious Pampas Grass but we had no luck. One day, as we were two hours away from the studio, location scouting for an upcoming music video, we stumbled upon a HUGE family of Pampas Grass swaying in the strong winds on the side of the road. Illegal U-turn? YUP. We immediately screeched to a halt and with one look at each other, we rushed out of the car and started hacking away. How we managed to stuff all this beautiful Pampas Grass in a two door coupe, thats a story of its own.



Lina took delicate care preparing the bundle of Pampas Grass. You have to strip away any unwanted leaves from the stem to give everything a very clean look. We want viewers to solely focus on the grass flowing at the top.


Once separated from the root, the stem, over time, becomes brittle, but holds enough strength to keep its form. Just like family, Pampas Grass stand stronger when placed tightly together, supporting each other. Lina used vintage oil jars that she found at the Brimfield Flea Market. These jars have the perfect-size spout to hold up large stems such as these.




Grouped together, the Pampas Grass look absolutely stunning. You can place this design literally anywhere and it will be the main attraction. Lina did an amazing job putting everything together and we hope it serves our clients well with their next shoot in the studio!