Mayfair Farm

Tucked away in the forest of Harrisville NewHampshire, lies a beautifully simple farm. With the sound of chickens and lamb in the distance, a newly built venue awaits couples who will create beautiful new memories within its large white barn doors.


Finding the farm was fairly easy. With winding roads that take you on a ride into the rural parts of town, the drive was calming. The moment you enter the farm, you immediately notice how minimal and well-maintained everything is. A sign welcomes you as you take in your first glimpse of the newly renovated barn. Walking around, you immediately feel a sense of calmness. That may sound strange, but there is nothing like getting away from town and being enclosed in a forest far away.


With its moody grey tones and large white sliding barn doors, the symmetry of this venue is very eye catching and makes a great first impression. The barn is a beautiful marriage between modern design and rustic vibes. If it’s this good on the outside, it make you even more eager to see what lies inside.


One of first things that you’ll gravitate towards are these precious lambs! How can you not want to meet them and pet them. Be careful- there’s a shepherd dog that gets a little protective of them if anyone gets too close, but if you’re nice, he’ll warm up to you.


Inside the barn, Cara, Wedding Stylist & Florist at Fox & Lantern, left no detail unchecked when it came to designing the tablescape. At a first glance, her style would make any viewer gasp. Your eyes are so busy having a joyous time, trying to process all of the beautiful colors and details laid out before you.


The couples’ table straight-up makes you and your loved one a part of an enchanted story. A fairy tale- to say the least.


There’s a hallway that leads you up the stairs to the second floor loft, featuring quite the relaxing and comfortable interior design. It serves both as a gorgeous setting for bridal preparations to take place, as well as a comfortable seating area for guests to relax and unwind. Your eyes can’t help but notice the industrial style lights that hang above the tablescape.


And the view from above is even better.


After you stop drooling over the classy, elegant design, you can make your way to the bar for a Plum Sangria or a Peach & Berry Bramble. Lets just say you’ll be glued to the bar-table after trying one of these absolutely delicious drinks.


Always make room for dessert! Your taste buds will dance after tasting the cake, but that’s after your eyes are done admiring the beautiful rustic decor.


In the end, we departed, still under the impression of everything that was before us. Mayfair Farm’s newly renovated barn mixed with Cara’s tablescape style makes for a perfect day to spend with friends and family on one of the most important moments in your life. A piece of your story will always be remembered here.